The Peterson Apostle Series

A BubbaVerse Monster Hunter Series

The Lost Peterson Apostle

It took his little brother’s death to drag Sergeant Matthew Peterson home for the first time in four years. They told him it was suicide, but Matthew soon discovers that there are other forces at play. Joined by an old man in a duster with a traveling armory in his truck, Matthew goes hunting for the real cause of his brother’s death, and perhaps a little justice along the way.

With his mysterious new companion, he may discover much more dwells in the woods near his home than he ever expected. That is, if his father doesn’t kill him first and he can manage to get along with his brothers for more than a day.

The Lost Peterson Apostle is the first in a new series of Monster Hunter novellas set in the world of Bubba the Monster Hunter and Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter. Other titles in this shared universe are written by John G. Hartness, Eric R. AsherGail Z. & Larry N. MartinJ.D. Blackrose, and more.

Solo Op

Months ago, a werebear ripped Matthew Peterson’s world apart. The injuries may have healed, but when an old friend returns unexpectedly, he soon finds that some wounds don’t get better with time, they only fester.

Long held hard feelings and phantoms of his late brother’s monster journal fuel the latest dumpster fire to erupt in his life. He may be losing his mind or it could be something supernatural—either way, this time he’s on his own.

Polar Protocol

Coming September – 2020

The Gen-Ship Endurance Series

The Adam Initiative


Traveling between the stars takes generations and a tightly controlled population balanced on the edge of a knife between dying out and outgrowing the ship’s limited resources. For the colony ship, Endurance, the Longevity program has successfully managed the size of all-female crew population for more than twenty generations.

Until now.

Concerns rise when Longevity ramps up the birth rate, but when the next generation doesn’t look like the others, it’s up to Doctor Cynthia Synclara to figure out why before drastic measures are taken.

Twenty generations is a long time and the crew of the Endurance has forgotten many crucial details about life on their home planet, Earth.

If Cynthia can’t uncover the knowledge they lost, this next generation may be the last.